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Simple strategies to Crack IIT JEE

Tips to crack IIT JEE 2014If you are an IIT aspirant, the need to crack IIT JEE, is absolutely essential. You should ideally prepare for two to three years, if not more. Here are a few simple strategies to crack IIT JEE:
1.       Solve old question papers:
There are numerous books available in the market that has the last 10 years’ question papers. Apart from regularly solving problems and answering questions, notice the change in pattern from year to year. This will help you anticipate questions better.
2.       Solve over 50 questions a day:
Ideally, you should solve at least 60 to 80 questions a day. Set realistic targets and stick to it. Study regularly and set a timetable. These examinations are very important for your future so don’t mess it up.
3.       Manage your time:
Time management is very important. If you train yourself well now, while you are preparing for the exams, managing your time during the real exams will become a lot simpler. Set a time limit, wherein, you must finish the paper within the stipulated time. With regular practice, you will be able to master this.
4.       Set a timetable:
Give adequate time to Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Don’t neglect any of them. Once you have finished studying the syllabus and revised, then you can give more time to your weaker areas. For instance, not everyone may be completely thorough with all the chapters in Maths. In such cases, you will have to give extra time to master those chapters.
5.       Stay updated with IIT JEE news:
Watch the news regularly so you know what’s happening around you, particularly anything about JEE Main and JEE Advanced. So far this year, there have been several announcements regarding the examinations, the pattern, the format, etc. Keep a track of what is going on.
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A talk with IIT-JEE All India Rank-1

A talk with IIT-JEE All India Rank-1

Hello friends, I am Prudhvi Tej Immadi and I secured an All India Rank-1 in IIT JEE 2011. Today, let me give you a few tips which will help you to excel not only in your preparation for JEE and other competitive exams, but also in your preparation for the boards. This journey is not that easy and we generally feel a lot of pressure, expectations and often feel like quitting. But remember- only rolling stones gather no dirt. So always keep moving.

MOTIVATION is the key

So, what do you think is the driving factor that keeps YOU motivated throughout the two years of your preparation? Coaching classes teach you How to do things, but there is one thing that none else can teach you. And it is the ‘WHY’. Why do you want to clear JEE or get in the best engineering colleges of the country? If you have a clear answer on this, you will always be charged and there will be no setbacks that can stop you from trying harder and harder till you get it. It’s that same WHY that will ignite the fire in you. For someone it can be his parent’s dream, while for others it can be the brand IIT. It can be anything. So, try finding your WHY and that will act as your motivating factor through and through.

Concentrate on your studies. Don’t worry about what others do

Once you have your reason, an effective planning will always help you stand out in the crowd. There are lakhs of students studying day in and day out to achieve the same dream. Only this fact might scare you a lot. But I will show you a different angle which helped me. I agree that there are lakhs of students fighting for this exam. But I had developed a mentality that I would solve as many questions as I could and try to get as many marks as I could. I never had in mind that there were lakhs of students and how would I get through. This way I never felt the tension in my head and I used to give my tests peacefully. No silly mistakes made and I achieved what I deserved.

No need to rush into solving the paper

I also used to do one more thing. Many of my friends had the habit that as soon as they received the paper in their hands, they would start solving from the very first question. My advice to you is to take out 2 minutes just to have a look at the entire paper once and to pick up the easy questions first. Presence of mind is very important and smart work pays more than hard work.

Every topic is important

There often exists a question that what topics you should work hard on. Well it’s JEE and so the entire course matters. I had a very strong hold on my favorite topics and practiced them so well that I answered almost all the questions in JEE. Your favorite topics are the ones that will set your score high. Practice them to perfection. But don’t give up on other topics. Everything is important and you never know what can come up in JEE. So your devotion of time to the three subjects is also important. Give adequate time to all of them. And for that Plan your schedule effectively. Note down your daily activities and analyze them. This way you will also come to know the number of hours per day u dedicate to your preparation. Noting down your daily activity will give you a proper insight into your activities and will help you to improve a little every day.

About Plancess

And I must say. These are your years. Work very, very hard with a very clear focus in mind. It was not easy for me. And it will never be for anyone. Believe me, I am standing In IIT Bombay and know the real worth of the hard work I had invested in the past 2 yrs. I came to IIT and saw many unusual things like students running their own companies along with their studies. One company that is related to you and has amazed me a lot is Plancess.  Plancess aims to revolutionize the concept of coaching. I saw a few of the video lectures that they offer and initially I wasn’t sure about the effectiveness of learning through such a medium. But when I saw them properly I was very surprised by the quality of the content. The content is very much optimized and the best part is that almost all the lecturers are top 100 IIT JEE rankers of yesteryears. These lecturers who are currently students in IITs have given their level best to simplify the concepts so that everyone can grasp it easily. I believe that only a student can understand the challenges faced by another student during preparation in a better way. Also, the fact that you can view it any time and any number of times is an added advantage.  It’s like having your professor with you all the time. And you will only pay for what you need.  Meaning you can get only those DVDs which you require.

Apart from the video lectures, I also saw Notebook+ and trust me, this concept is innovative and the first of its’ kind in India. If they would have launched it a year before it surely would have been easier for me to memorize all the hundreds of formulae. I think you should give a try to both these products but before that, make sure that you visit the Plancess channel on youtube to see the demo lectures. Also the Plancess website is not just an information hub but it will again add value to your preparation. So, my suggestion is to check it out thoroughly.

I hope these tips will help you structure your studies in a proper manner and let me end this while wishing you all the best for your preparation.

Prudhvi Tej Immadi,
IIT-JEE 2011 All India Rank-1

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How can I crack IIT JEE without going to coaching classes?

How can I crack IIT JEE without going to coaching classes?

crack iit jee 2014 without joining a coaching center
There is absolutely no doubt that the IIT JEE is a hard nut to crack. Years of preparation is required to not only pass the exam but also secure a good position in the country. The general notion of taking coaching classes for the IIT JEE is gradually starting to fade away. Nowadays, a lot more students are trusting their abilities and sitting for such competitive exams without attending coaching classes. It is not an impossible task. All you need is some discipline, good study materials and a timetable that you must follow religiously.

1.       Requirement of necessary study material: It is absolutely essential for any student to be in possession of textbooks, IITJEE study packages, and DVDs and CDs for information on lectures and workshops, to have any chance of doing well in IIT JEE. Without this, it would be impossible for anyone to pass IIT JEE. So make sure you have everything in place.
2.       Be attentive in class:
Since you won’t be attending coaching classes, make sure you pay attention in class and understand what is being taught. If you pay attention in class and retain what is being taught, half your work is done.  Do not hesitate to ask questions. If you have any doubts or queries, clarify them immediately. Do not wait till the exams approach. That would stress you out even further.
3.       Create a timetable:
One of the main reasons why parents prefer to send their children to coaching centers is because of the fear of them not studying otherwise. However, an IIT JEE aspirant cannot afford to do this. Draft a study timetable for yourself and make sure you stick to it. Do not get carried away by distractions, as this will lead you nowhere.
4.       Work on your weak areas:
If you think you need more time for Maths, then spend more time solving equations. Do not neglect your weak areas. Work a little extra if you have to and strengthen those areas. This will automatically give you a better chance of performing well in the exams.
If you revise regularly and have the right materials in hand, everything will automatically fall into place. Remember, nothing is impossible. With hard work and dedication, anything can be achieved.

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Which coaching institutes are good?

Which coaching institutes are good?


IF u analyze the iit question papers of the past years and the students who get through, “IIT JEE TESTS CONCEPTS”. Concepts have to be self made concepts .

What coaching institutes do?

when a topic is taught in a coaching institute they don’t teach u the concepts that is available in the books why would you need them if they did , what they tell u is that what are the misconceptions students usually have in that topic . What else they do is more tougher problems than iit jee are given to u to solve . A competitive atmosphere is maintained in coaching institutes and you are regularly tested with various assignments’ and tests.

What help students get from coaching institutes?
Coaching institutes follow a fixed timetable to cover their portion if u study alongside them then your portion is covered in modules and u are able to pay attention to all topics adequately.
Since you are tested regularly you know where you stand, even though tests at coaching institutes are not very good in testing a persons concepts as the jee paper. But they are much harder. They can give u a rough idea where u stand.
Finally the most important thing Concepts, coaching institutes don’t teach concepts but they tell u which books are good and tell u what misconceptions were faced by students so when your studying it becomes easier to understand since u have been shown the path and major wrong turn’s have been blocked.

Which coaching institutes are good?

This varies from city to city, the main parameters to see in a coaching institute are.
What is the strength of the coaching institute if it’s a small one you will face less competition.
Is the faculty good? if the faculty is good you will be taught in a level higher ie, you would face tougher problems .you will face tougher conceptual problems, misconceptions would be blocked from you.
What was the success rate? are there regular tests and are you put in batches according to that? It is very important to be in the right batch, so coaching institutes put u in batches based on your performance in tests.sum do it on a yearly basis and some do it on a monthly basis.

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r. no Claimed as crash course Name Given AIR Reg. no. Details Code
1 Kedar Joshi 159 1044132 2
2 jainam dhanesh shah 858 1045108 2
3 prithvi rajesh jawahar 1737 1048262
4 SUPARN SHARMA 1964 2034047
5 PANKAJ KUMAR VERMA 2749 1051258
6 AJIT POL 2829 1046090
7 VIDUL JOSHI 2914 1046220
8 PRATYUSH KUMAR 3324 5040167
9 MAYUR YADAV ANIL 3515 1048061
10 SUBARNA P 3821 6078353
11 Akash Jaywant Rawal 4358 1051106
12 Pranav Nath V 4585 6078179
13 Sindhuja S 4811 6078034
14 Rajiv K 5351 6078222
15 Sagnk Mukherjee 5812 1050014
16 Nishant Kalra 5959 1052193
17 Sonar Sameer Anil 6009 1051173
18 Inamdar Abhishe Ajit 6099 1046152
19 Sangram Gaikwad 6170 1046283
20 Amrita Sundari 6260 6078308
21 Abhay Gaikwad 6687 1050180
22 Prerana Das 6725 1051266
23 Gaurav Kumar 7364 5018104
24 Abhijeet Amrutkar 7641 1046105
25 Keerthana.A 7736 6078243
26 Manuel Jenkin 8566 6078181
27 Kumar Gaurav 9137 5017106
28 Tanvi Jadhav 9173 1045257
29 Aditya Vijaykumar 9523 1048201
30 Aswin Kumar K 10383 6078357
31 Ankit Dixit 11109 1050204
32 Ragunath N 11607 6078295
33 Akshit Murthy 11815 1044025
34 Siddharth Siddharthan 11844 6078022
35 Omkar Kshirsagar 11962 1051157
36 Aditya Sharma 13131 2024223
37 Anbuman B 13147 6078166
38 Dipendra Singh 13281 1046150
39 Sanket Abhyankar 13423 1052246
40 Srinivas R 13581 6078128
41 Vaibhav Yadav 14143 1052175
42 Varsha Bharathi 14184 6078093
43 Varun Garg 14631 1052394
44 Shikhar Srikantiah 15194 1052277
45 Rishabh Manoj^ 15336 6078202
46 Arnav Vijaykar 15486 1047180
47 Karan Kumar 579 not verified
48 Rahul Kumar^ 1222 not verified
49 Sushil Shinde 852 not verified
50 Krishna Singh 1533 not verified
51 Lomesh Narkhede 2980 not verified
Code Details Centre code starts with
BLUE orissa 50
GREEN chennai 60
PURPLE delhi 20
2 attended classes hardly

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Sr.No. Names Claimed AIR Actual Ranks Registration no details Examination centre
1 Shubham Dawande 56* 14642 (ST-56) 1069114 previously * not mentioned
2 Akshay Gadre 366 1074430
3 Abhishek Mishra 720 5100111 centre out of maharashtra bhubaneshwar
4 Rushikesh Chaudhari 810* 5605 (OBC-810) 1066300 previously * not mentioned
5 Anuvab Mohanty 854 879 5093152 rank belongs to someone else
6 Anand Lalwani 1018 1070040
7 Yash Mehta 1111 1041394
8 Sagar Pathrudkar 1185 1070317
9 Amit Bangar 1454 1046280
10 Shashank  Bhosale 1688 1036399
11 Ranjeet Vhanmane 1731 10350 (OBC-1731) 1073348 rank belongs to someone else
12 Sanjeevkumar Baishaya 1763* no data available to check claim
13 Sagar Joshi 1767 1046225
14 Suchibrat Kar 2848 5095351 centre out of maharashtra bhubaneshwar
15 Pratik Palse 2864* 15449 (OBC-2864) 1048243
16 Rushikesh Bhagat 3534 1075204
17 Vishal Shitole 3837 1046221
18 Hemant Kr Nandkumar Prasad 3896 centre out of maharashtra guntur
19 Vijay Sankpal 4120 1074134
20 Shivkumar Chauhan 4715 1046284
21 Pranav Kulkarni 4787 1037012
22 Pradyumna Mishra 4879 5100183 centre out of maharashtra bhubaneshwar
23 Madhura Gandhi 4938 1070066
24 Biki Kundu 5309 1030148
25 Shiv Shankar 5406 1049347
26 Paresh Sarda 5844 1051135
27 Adarsha Dash 6156 centre out of maharashtra bhubaneshwar
28 Shridevi Muthkod 6440 1001061
29 Ameya Riswadkar 6625 1068268
30 Raju Chaudhary 7224 1075072
31 Vivek Bhagat 11131 1050394
32 Harsh Desai 11624 1030113
33 Sai Kulkarni 11755 1074050
34 Aditya Sankpal 11809 1055071
35 Pranav Jain 12038 1032309
36 Amit Bharadwaj 12123 1124180
37 Kaustubh Patil 13108 1070127
38 Hari Sankar S. 13180 6124068 centre out of maharashtra chennai
39 Kunal Barapatre 13657 1033104
40 Aniket Patil 13941 1068011
41 Aniket Malwankar 13981 1059317
42 Akshay Deshmukh 14158 1073208
43 Ankur Magdum 14212 1076290
44 Ruturaj Jadhav 14244 1073155
45 Swapnil Mengade 14907 1049413
46 Vinay Venkateshwaran 15198 1040270
47 Anurag Acharya 15452 1093450
48 P Neeraj 15969 no data available to check claim
49 Anand Kusumachari 16031 no data available to check claim
50 Suraj Chavan 16617 1076178
51 Anirudh Saraf 17366 1024123
52 Mohan Sharma 17803 1049089
53 Riddhish Pandharkar 18237 1048216
54 Rutuja Kshirsagar 18344 1072267
link for 2012 result
by reg no http://www.iitkgp.ernet.in/jee/result.php
by name http://web.iiit.ac.in/~sharada.mohanty/blog/2012/05/20/iit-jee-2012-results-name


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Sr. No. Name of Student All India Rank Enrollment no. Name of the student with the ACTUAL rank Enrollment no
1 PRANJAL 1537 5108372
2 DINESH 1652 1039257
3 AMULLYA KALE 1829 1073174
4 ATUL GUPTA 2500 1042198
5 AAKRITI MITTAL 2887 1106474
6 OMKAR KUMBHAR 3557 1069222
7 ADITYA SHARMA 3747 1035200
8 SANCHAY VAIDYA 4190 1051405
9 SACHIN KUMAR 4737 1070501
10 PRATEEK PAWAR 5142 1077465
11 INDRANEEL PISE 6089 1075399
12 PURUSHOTTAM RAWAKE 6184 1072255
13 SAMAR KHAN 6411 1046441
14 SAURAV TOMAR 6448 2005400
15 AKASH SINGH 6917 1046258
16 UTSAV YADAV 7054 1075188
17 ANAND 7290 5109309
18 PRAVEEN PRANAV 7933 5109341
19 NAVNEET JHA 8310 1037109
20 PRERANA DAS 11012 1069281
21 PRITAM SINHA 11168 5108124
22 AMEYA HARKARE 12316 1038047
23 BASHAR 12323 5133348
24 VARUN MODI 12653 1121013
25 NIKHIL HEGDE 12666 1074427
26 SUPARN SHARMA 12802 2025272
28 OMKAR SAMANT 13819 1040151
29 KESHAV KUMAR 14159 1044148
30 RAVI KUMAR 14592 1123021
31 VISHAL GUPTA 15134 1042285
32 ANKIT DIXIT 15937 1075153
33 MADHURI PHUTE 16879 1070274
34 SIDDHARTH SINGH 17606 1046324
35 VAIBHAV YADAV 18240 1035244
36 NISHANT NAYAK* 302(ST) 5062372
37 ANKIT BARAK* 539(ST) 5109012
38 SHUBHAM TELGOTE* 2626(SC) 1047196
40 ALOK KUMAR 2349 ( SC) 5107155
link for 2012 result Students from Kharagpur region
someone else is the actual rankholder
by reg no http://www.iitkgp.ernet.in/jee/result.php
Students from Delhi region
Students not from pune
by name http://web.iiit.ac.in/~sharada.mohanty/blog/2012/05/20/iit-jee-2012-results-name


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1 Parth Bhattacharya 196
2 Ashish Bora 400
3 Jayesh Deore 442* 3495 OBC 1062164 previously * not mentioned
4 Sanket Yadav 502
5 Rohan Chavan 513 SC no *(category mention) even now
6 Nachiket Kuntla 647* 4798 OBC 1065079 previously * not mentioned
7 Kunal Shah 787
8 Abhishek Pant 831
9 Yuvraj Mundada 1040
10 Yogesh Gobade 1518 9519 OBC 1063129 no *(category mention) even now
11 Sushil Shisode 1548 (no rank) OBC 1063133 no *(category mention) even now
12 Gaurav Mahamuni 1628 (no rank) OBC 1064121 no *(category mention) even now
13 Krunal Sonawane 1719 (no rank) SC 1062599 no *(category mention) even now
14 Shridevi Muthkot 1746
15 Rushikesh Chaudhary 2251 (no rank) OBC 1067352 no *(category mention) even now
16 Punit Mittal 2324
17 Devarshi Waghela 2575
18 Amit Bangar 2612
19 Saurabh Bhalerao 2685
20 Ankit Agarwal 2774
21 Akshay Randad 3326
22 Vinay Bhanjantri 3798
23 Siddarth Raina 4888
24 Vishwesh Rege 5134
25 Rajas Shah 5153
26 Pranay Khandelawal 5742
27 Shashank Bhosale 5885
28 Vishaka Gupta 6034
29 Divyansh Darji 6066
30 Aditya Kandaswamy 6576
31 Abhilash Savalgi 6789
32 Prasad Wadgargi 6849
33 Sumit Jotrao 6921
34 Gaurav Sinha 7437
35 Krutika Tawri 7643
36 Dhanashree Ganeshpure 7813
37 Sukhesh N. Samant 7981
38 Vivek Karmarkar 8184
39 Vijaykumar Sankpal 8358
40 Amit Kshirsagar 9343
41 Tejas Shah 9357
42 Pradip B. More 115* could not be verified


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(COM -> These results have been found common to results from other institutes in other cities, which includes cities other than Pune from Bombay Zone only, so that people do not doubt it)


Name Claimed Rank Actual GE Rank
Vinod Tallapa 28
Praful Acharya 86 PD COM
Khaleeque Ansari 107 OBC 959
Shivkant Rajwat 168
Ashish Dhaka 207 OBC 1819
Saurabh Agarwal 214
Ashish Vasava 217 ST (no rank)
Aditya Uttam Sapate 265 SC (no rank)
Prakhar Megotia 295 OBC 2440
Rishi Dua 386 COM
Manish Khedawat 426 OBC 3338
Harshit Malik 438
Rahul Prajapat 495 OBC 4571
Anupam Kumar 545
Kartik Kothari 575
Topiwala Anuj 620 OBC 4538
Siddharth Shah 624 COM
Vighnesh 626
Naman Garg 730
Gouthami Venkatrao 745 SC (no rank)
Ganesh Kavishkar 800 COM
Ravindra Patil 803 OBC 5537
Harvineet Singh 813
Mritunjya Kumar 823 SC (no rank)
Gajraj Bachhawat 920 COM
Snehal Rokade 953 SC (no rank)
Chirag Kothari 1013
Chaitnya Kumar Gupta 1231
Manish Dangi 1249 OBC 8048
Abhishek Negi 1260
Pratichi Mallick 1286 SC (no rank)
Abhishek Shinde 1298 SC (no rank)
Anshul Kumar Goyal 1328
Jignesh Vanjaria 1344 SC (no rank)
Rohit Ravindra Salunke 1368
Sahil Shinde 1460 SC (no rank)
Sandeep Baheshwar 1558 OBC 8796
Rohit Kumar 1604 OBC (no rank)
Ravi Gondalia 1659 COM
Aashish Bhatambre 1673 SC (no rank)
Anshul Bhatt 1691 COM
Pallav Ananad 1723
Khainar Sheetal Suresh 1741 SC (no rank)
Chitrak 1793
Ankit Mohan Gupta 1818
Prateek Rastogi 1824
Nikhil Lonkar 1830
Parag Kanitkar 1836
Tejas Choudhary 1854
Ranjeet Gakhare 1907
Kumar Ankit 1917
Ashay Tejwani 1922
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Ritesh Chaudhari 217 OBC
Pratik Khandagale 220 SC
Suhas Pawar 250 SC
Vivek Kamathi 418 SC
Tejas Kolhe 963 OBC
Sandesh Achari 1364 OBC
Prasad Kapadi 1754
Gaurav Patil 1808 OBC
Hrishikesh Bhagat 1817
Nitesh Naidu 1943 OBC
Devendra Shintre 1951
Rohan Kokane 2261 OBC
Kapil Ranaware 2262
Purva Shevgaonkar 2616
Rohit Sant 2651
Vignesh Ambekar 2975
Jaideep Shitole 3134
Parth Padwal 3711
Kalyani Nimbalkar 4588
Shaunak Bapat 5938
Chetan Patil 7463
Rajiv Patki 7753
Akash Mehta 7831
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